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Dispatching company specializing in Dry Van, Flatbed, Reefers, and Hotshots. WE WILL HANDLE THE PAPERWORK PROCESS FOR YOU, we find discount fuel, repair shops, discounted hotel rates, and much more!

We are involved in ALL ASPECTS of the freight transport until final load delivery. We will handle any issues that may affect the scheduled times for pickup or delivery.

These problems may include scheduling maintenance for mechanical problems with trucks, delays due to traffic or weather challenges or changes requested by the customer regarding times or locations etc.

Owner Operators (OTR or Regional)

We are looking for Owner Operators who have their Own Authority and need Loads CONSISTENTLY

We will keep your company on the move with TOP PAYING loads!

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If there is an empty space on trailer there is money to be made!

It doesn’t matter where you live, this DOES NOT LIMIT where we find loads. Your assigned freight dispatcher will help you!

Dedicated Personal Dispatcher

  • Negotiate top freight rates from brokers and/or shippers
  • True route planning
  • Handle all necessary faxes and paperwork, including broker setup, insurance certificates and rate confirmations
  • Invoicing included
  • Verify credit of brokers or shippers

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If there is an empty space on your trailer there is money to be made! Contact us Today!

Pointman Dispatch

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